Jump into the UK

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    Hey! US, China, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and other trading nations - take a fresh look at the UK to see why you should be jumping in there now they will be leaving the EU!

    Firstly, just to clarify, the UK hasn’t set sail across the Atlantic, rowing an imaginary Brexit canoe, they are still very much a part of Europe and so a geographic stepping stone into Europe, with many advantages; use of the most commonly spoken business language, an integral part of the Common Wealth, a hot-bed of IT and innovation and the 5th largest world-wide economy, to name but a few.

    So here are 5 reasons for re-engaging with UK businesses;

    1. With British sterling at an all-time low, products and services from the UK are now highly competitive. Cloud consumption services, which can be sourced flexibly, taking advantage of these currency fluctuations in the short term and full CSP and outsource services would be worth considering if the currency gap remains.

    2. Now is the time to invest in UK businesses, with the stronger external currencies and the promise of 15% Corporation tax in the UK (which will be a record low internationally), there are some compelling reasons for looking at investing now, especially as others are being cautious and “waiting to see what emerges”, in these circumstances there are always deals to be had.

    3. There are >3.4m companies registered at UK Companies’ house, with >60k registered last month (May 2016) and 33k dissolved, so a net gain of 27k new companies – many of which are in IT. The UK has frequently been called a nation of entrepreneurs (although Napoleon referred to them as a nation of shopkeepers), they are risk-takers and innovators. Plus, there has been a run of mergers and acquisitions, all of which means a changing VAR landscape as they look for new solutions and new partnerships; all of which represent opportunities.

    4. The UK is newly un-encumbered. Previously, the EU prevented trade agreements being secured in Australia, India and other key economies, as others in the EU were threatened by everything from tomatoes to fabrics, and so blocked agreements. The UK is now free to negotiate and ready to do so. New Zealand has already stepped forward with open arms, and those that come first will reap the benefits. The same will apply for companies as nations.

    5. Our IT industry is fast-paced and ever-changing and fundamental to the UK economy – we are used to change in IT and we adapt. Our mind-set in IT is we like change, we embrace it and welcome the challenge and the opportunity.

    Several of the points above will converge and contribute to the broadening of the UK horizons, as they change and adapt and look to form new partnerships and alliances. Now is the chance to introduce new solutions and innovations from disparate parts of the world. The relationships and partnerships are all up for grabs?

    Reasons to be cheerful – part one!