Desperately seeking Partners!

  • Being heralded as THE new big industry shift at this seasons partner conferences is the need for Partner-to-Partner Collaboration. It is apparently the key to bringing about solution and service delivery. In the last 5 – 8 years, Vendors, VARS and distributors alike have had to perform a 360-degree business transformation to adapt to the cloud; to a subscription model and a shift from products to services. Now there is a rush to find partners in order to deliver increasingly complex solutions, sparked by both cloud and IoT. In an article by Hannah Breeze Channelweb of CRN this P2P model was in high profile at the recent Microsoft WPC event in Toronto.

    No man is an island and increasingly that goes for IT companies as well, as the diversity of solutions and services is too great to be effectively delivered by a single company – but the customer gets what the customer wants and they only want “one throat to choke.” Hence a more formal collaboration is required. This was endorsed by Richard Hughes, Business Development Director of Microsoft UK partner of the year 2016 eBECS who stated; "Customers don't want to go to one partner for one thing and another partner for another…. That's why we hear so much about partnerships."

    But for anyone who has been in the channel, finding the right-fit partner, with not only with the right solutions and service offering, but the right cultural fit, is just plain hard. It is a thankless, dull and painstaking task to do the desk research to find build a long-list of potential partners – and it’s not the sort of job you can give to an intern. There are so many variables that only those in the know, will know. Our new platform Channeliser can help with this due diligence; enabling a granular and detailed search of IT companies that is both vendor and solution agnostic and that covers most Geo’s, with members in more than 65 countries already and with a growing membership.

    In an article by Nicole Lewis of TechTarget it shows that vendors are increasingly looking to enhance their partner portals, to engage partners and create loyalty. Some are adding deal registration or demo tools to the more traditional technical, marketing and training information. However, there are still 2 big gaps;
    1. Firstly, proper profiling of the partners. Because if you are a VAR, why would you, could you and should you repeat this process for each of the vendors with whom you work? It’s simply not practical to provide deep company profile information (like target customer, software functionality or even vertical alignment) if you resell a mix, of even x10 vendor solutions; the time it would take is prohibitive.
    2. For the most part, all of these partner portals are static, just delivering information to the partners.

    What we advocate is an interactive social business platform that allows partners to interact properly with both the vendor and each other.

    And so, Channeliser solves these two big gaps; offering a single platform where IT companies can provide detailed profiles and then share that with different vendors. Build once, share with many or even stay private and only share private content in a private group. But always with the tools of a vibrant social business platform available to make connections, blog, open discussions, polls and share content such as videos.