Too Shy Shy?

  • What are you doing here?  Seriously, think about it.  Is it because historically someone said you had to be on here to exist professionally?  Or perhaps you were looking for a new role, or trying to research a person or a company – rather than believing their public multifarious website?  But, since then have you thought about this strategically – why are you here, what do you hope to achieve or is it a distraction?

    If, like me, you find it a valuable research tool, then why the malaise with overt approaches to connect?  It never ceases to amaze me; the commentary about reluctant participants to be “social”. This is, after all a “social network”.  I find it galling when individuals become sanctimonious and “holier than thou” when faced with unsolicited approaches and in my mind, you are therefore a prime example of someone who has not considered their strategy and hence your lassitude.

    Your bad not theirs.

    If you have given due thought to your strategy you will know why you are here, what your objectives are and have a plan of action and reaction. There are two extremes and many nuances in between; at one polar end there are those who are here simply to capture and nurture their own close personal professional connections – which is fine and dandy.  At the other end of the spectrum there are those seeking to develop and expand their professional network; looking out for new opportunities to widen their horizons or even looking to develop new thoughts and ideas.

    If you are in the former camp, then a simple “ignore” is all you need if you are not acquainted.  If you are the latter and of gregarious social nature, then you will be open to sensible, targeted, diplomatic approaches.  We have all received the lackadaisical, ill-informed, cut and paste atrocities but again you can just “ignore”- it really doesn’t need a rant. Remember it is probably just someone trying their very best albeit failing. Don’t denigrate the connection request but recognise that it throws in stark and happy contract when you receive a well-researched and clever approach.  I received one such today which has given me a free book download which is actually quite useful - which I didn’t appreciate until I had connected.

    If you are on a social platform, you are there to be found and be flattered someone wants to connect. There is no need to be shy, but perhaps learn the benefits of this platform (if you need a coach there are many out there like @Charlie Whyman). 

    Just don’t knock it because not everyone has a budget for PPC, events and advertising so are using the best option and tools available to develop their professional network.


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