VAR looking for a Solution?

  • Being a VAR is hard these days; product margins are slim pickings, if not negligible, with many SaaS solutions delivered direct. To continue to be the trusted advisor and to generate revenue it’s all about the services value add. These professional services or “technology consulting services” require an increasingly wide range of skills – obviously a deep understanding of the technology but also a degree of business acumen and sector expertise but also increasingly required is a breadth of knowledge of current solutions available, across the entire tech landscape.

    Only in this way can clients can be steered appropriately.

     VARs will typically have a defined list of vendors with whom they work; the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Dell and so on. These tend to be longer-term, strategic relationships which underpin a VAR’s core business. It’s good for delivering credibility, generating leads and providing technology building blocks. But these vendor relationships are only half the story.

     The other half is being able to draw upon a wide range of technologies, products and services that address a client’s specific business requirements.

     There are training courses to help understand the core vendors and sprinkle this with a good pinch of experience and you’re half way there, but where does one gain that breadth of knowledge of current solutions, without spending hours doing desk research or walking the halls of every exhibition?

    Tackling this business challenge is which is fast becoming the first port of call for VARs looking to research, identify and cement partnerships with solution businesses.

    It’s about being able to answer a customer’s question, when they ask: what technology should we use to help us improve, compete, grow, change? Now VARs can use Channeliser to research and identify new, relevant solution partners that are fit for purpose.

    It is increasingly hard for VARs to differentiate themselves in a world where products are disappearing and services are the order of the day. With Channeliser, VARs have the opportunity to offer customers a more proactive service; adding to their sector knowledge, insight and experience with the ability to quickly respond to needs – “Let me Channeliser that and find the exact right solution”.

     As the “” of the IT industry Channeliser helps VARs stay current and have access to a plethora of solutions and significantly it cuts across normal boundaries such as vendors, Geo’s, platforms or operating environments.

     Now finding solutions is facilitated by Channeliser and a VAR can evaluate solutions more easily; with less risk and more immediacy!

    •  Who are my customers and what should be in my solution portfolio?
    • What skills do I need or what training is on offer?
    • How do they partner, what are the rules, benefits and requirements?
    • How much will it cost me and what is the likely return?
    • With whom should I partner and why?
    • Now you’re ready to Channeliser that.