Are you a Vendor looking for a Channel?

  • So you’ve built a great solution and have local customers, but you recognise that to scale and grow you need a channel route to expand to other markets, but if you’re based in New Zealand how do you find resellers in Spain, Sweden and South America?

     Now you can Channeliser that and find those resellers with the skills, credentials, and vertical knowledge that will be appropriate for your solution.

    The phrase ‘Building a channel’ falls into the category marked: Easier Said Than Done. It’s the tech industry’s equivalent of “” but where on earth do you start?

    Tackling this business challenge is Channeliser, fast-becoming the first port of call for vendors looking to research, identify and cement partnerships with likeminded businesses in the tech channel.

    We’ve all heard the comment that ‘if it was easy, it wouldn’t be interesting’. Well, building a channel is certainly interesting and something in which the largest vendors invest heavily. Building a channel takes thought, preparation, budget and time; the four ‘big beasts’ of any commercial organisation.

     Channeliser helps vendors with this process as it guides and questions you as you build precision search criteria that reflect your partner requirements and therefore ensures you invest wisely.

     It all starts with the thinking and some basic questions that determine channel strategy.

    • Who would be my ideal channel partners?
    • Why would they want to partner with us?
    • How do we build that relationship and engage successfully?
    • Now you’re ready to Channeliser that