In danger of losing our Britishness - a personal view

  • 24 hours to go, so it’s time to get off the fence.

    As a staunch believer in exercising my right and having debated this vociferously with family and friends for months, I now have to stop pontificating and decide. Interestingly, I started firmly IN, but since the politicians have weighed in, their tactics have had the opposing desired effect as they all made unsubstantiated claims, used scare tactics and promoted role-models who were weak at best. I have swung like a pendulum, waiting for someone to give me a nugget of truth or a convincing argument upon which I can hang my hat.

    On balance most pundits, politicians and economists are IN and that should lay a credible path to follow but their economic claims if we leave, leave me quite cold, or actually quite cross as literally no-one knows for sure. The FUD-factor (fear, uncertainty, doubt), will probably swing it for this country to remain IN as I think the majority will opt for “better the devil you know” but that is what ultimately has made me baulk.

    Because I think we can and will negotiate better economic terms, better deals and can carve out our place in the World as Britain should. Individually. We can and will do this with the US, with Sweden and with every other nation 1:1 and face-to-face. I am so very proud of being British and it is my somewhat nationalistic side that has surfaced – I don’t want to be amalgamated anymore. In culture, in rules, in regulations and attitude. The FUD is putting us in danger of losing our Britishness.

    It is usually at this point in my “discussion” that my mother scolds me, reminding me that my great grandfather was an immigrant. But I believe that being Britain, outside the EU, won’t and shouldn’t halt some natural immigration. With our standard of living and country there are some who will want to live and work here and contribute and pay taxes and be British and so are welcome. So long as they embrace all that is British, if this is their chosen home. But by the same token, I think that those who choose to live elsewhere, like the Spanish Ex-Pats for instance who were given extensive coverage on the BBC, should live and work and pay taxes according to the Spanish creed and culture and nation. Actually my rather radical self believes they shouldn’t even get a vote if that is where they have chosen to live.

    An example to conclude; much was said about our potential demise if we didn’t adopt the Euro – we wouldn’t have the same power of trade, we’d be disadvantaged. Well, we all know how that panned out and I am similarly convinced that like sterling, we can and will be better being British.

    And as if there hasn’t been enough to say about all this – here is COMPTIA’s view from an interesting IT perspective;