Role of Games in Education



    There are many facets of education. They directly affect the kind of life a student lives. One of the aspects that are essential to any education is games. Games help to nurture education among scholars in two areas. It is a means to good health and of the next best alternatives that students can opt in case education affair fails to work out. When a student participates in games, he activates his body. He is able to drain stress emanating from daily class work. The mind is actively involved. Playing a game is one of the great ways to break the monotony of attending classes and studying.


    Games have been used for commercial gain. Academic success through review cannot guarantee life success. Games are a form of contingency plan for many students. Footballers and basketballers stars around the world have a college history. Though they could write good essays or work with professional writers to get good grades, they choose a life of academics. Their academic qualification comes in to complement their professional career. Furthermore, a star needs skills to interact with people, manage finance and even make ameaningful speech to his or her fans. Education offers them that.

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  • Jacqui Rand
    Jacqui Rand Interesting as Games increase engagement and hence why "Gamification" is an important part of Technology and Apps these days. Do you have any tips on App gamification?
    October 23, 2016