Magento: Your Online Business’ New Best Friend

  • For those businesses, large or small, looking for an eCommerce platform built on open-source technology, Magento provides this option and more, allowing online merchants to have a flexible shopping cart system in addition to complete control over the functionality of their online store. The platform is versatile enough to accommodate nearly all types of businesses, with editions ranging from community open-source to massive, enterprise SaaS-based systems. With power marketing, search engine optimization (SEO,) and catalog management tools, Magento is one of the best systems available for online retailers. Having access to this technology, it is also important to find skilled Magento web developers who can help manage your website from the bottom up. The experienced developers at 1Digital can help you with all your business' eCommerce needs, especially when it comes to developing for premium platforms such as Magento.



    How does Magento Work?
    Magento is designed to be user-friendly, offering a variety of plug-ins and themes which positively enhance a customer's experience on your site. The platform allows for custom-built functionality to fit all of your firm's individualised needs. With such nuanced systems, calling in a developer to help adjust the specifics of your Magento website is advantageous for most online merchants. Especially when integrating other business tools and thousands of products onto your site, having a developer on your team to help manage your site's functionality drastically increases your site's efficiency and also makes it more user-friendly for your customers. Speed and efficiency are critical for any online commerce platform. By having an expert developer assist with your Magento storefront, your customers won't end up with lengthy wait times, unnecessary delays, and time-consuming purchases in your online store. Because of the robust features that the platform offers, improperly optimized storefronts can be particularly slow on customers' systems. Therefore, having an experienced Magento web developer  on your team to help can ensure troubleshooting is done quickly and that all these potential issues are addressed.


    What are the benefits?
    Magento is one of the most well-respected platforms available for online merchants. With numerous perks that entice entrepreneurs of all levels of experience, Magento outshines its competitors in the eCommerce platform technology industry. The program is easy to install and can allow users to add layouts and plugins to meet their business' needs. With its open-source foundation, the platform offers flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions. Magento is, therefore, both practical and cost-sensitive, making it a logical option for firms both big and small.


    In addition to its flexibility, Magento also includes various tools for creating discounts and promotions for your customers at checkout. Furthermore, arguably the most favorable benefit is that Magento provides more than 50 options for payment gateways, ensuring that your customers have multiple options when it comes time to complete checkout.


    Having Magento as the basis for your business' online store opens endless avenues for increased user-friendliness and faster check-out times for your customers. By having experts to assist in your Magento web development, you can rest assured knowing that the platform will be integrated seamlessly into your existing practices.


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