An Objective Review Of WordPress As a CMS

  • There is never a dispute to the view that WordPress continues to be the most popular CMS of the globe today. What started as blogging software quite a long back has immensely grown to fulfill the complete needs of websites of all kinds. One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is the continuous updates, improvements and enhancements it has undergone over the time. The thousands of plugins available with the platform have always captured the interest of the users and developers worldwide. Here is an objective review of this platform as a CMS.

    WordPress Advantages

    Easy to use
    WordPress is very easy to use. A developer working on WordPress will not need the knowledge of coding or exposure to PHP or HTML unlike most other platforms like Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. It also features a preinstalled plugin and template function which can support an easy installation. You just have to choose the plugin or a template you want and click to install automatically. Therefore, it very well suits beginners.

    Wide support
    WordPress users’ community is very wide and you can get your doubts solved and also gain some innovative ideas on how to use the platform.

    Thousands of plugins
    Though a good number of plugins carry a price, most plugins available with WordPress are completely free to use.

    WordPress homepage gives access to several thousands of graphics templates that can help change the look of the website as you want. You get access to both free and paid templates.

    Menu management
    For extended functionalities, the users can depend on the menu management feature that includes pages and categories.

    WordPress Disadvantages
    Any modifications you need to carryout and functions like removal of the data fields will need the For modifying the graphics, you will need the knowledge of CSS and HTML. Most templates provided on the homepage look alike. For creating new look, you will have to know CSS and HTML.

    In order to compete effectively with Joomla, WordPress will need a plenty of plugins to be installed. However, too many plugins will slow down the efficiency of the software. Given the wide range of plugins, their clones, it is a tough job to choose the right plugin you want.

    PHP security
    WordPress is not that suitable for highly sensitive content as the script is not protected.

    Formatting Tables and graphics
    Unlike in some robust applications like Quick.Cms or Joomla, modifying the tables and graphics format is a real tough job.

    The final word
    Undoubtedly, WordPress is a great CMS for creating a simple website. The simplicity of this platform combined with its profound features is to be really admired. To get a great website, you need to Hire Magento Developer who is well experienced and can do a good job for you. We have a wide experience on this platform and have accomplished a phenomenal range of client projects on WordPress. Call us to know how we can further your dreams of a great WordPress website.

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  • Kirstie Lamont
    Kirstie Lamont Hi Mouzzam, A great review but in my opinion the idea that Wordpress is easy to use is a double edged sword. It's separation of content editing from page design provides horrible limitations. It seems that often the new web building services such as Weebl...  more
    February 23