What Businesses Must Know About Psd to Magento Conversion

  • Looking around us, we are witnessing a stiff competition among businesses to grab the market share. Online stores have proliferated today brining in a new dimension to shopping. While a large number of stores are keen about developing fanciful online stores to please their customers, the demand for Psd To Magento Conversion services has grown so much to new heights.

    What is the need
    Increasing numbers of customers are accessing online stores via handheld devices. Therefore the need of the hour is to make a paradigm shift from the plain PSD based sites to more mobile friendly and responsive websites that can work well across multiple mobile devices. For the purpose of crafting a supple website, most businesses are depending on PSD to Magento conversion projects. Here we try to discuss what businesses need to know about it.

    Plan what you wish to achieve
    The first step is planning what you wish to achieve in your site in terms of the look. You can gather some highly useful insights from the experts who have a thorough knowledge of the platform. With their experience, they can supply enough ideas to bring in the necessary changes to your website as part of the conversion project. Discuss with them what is to be done with the logo design, colors, scheme layout and other aspects to land on the perfect theme for your website.

    Slice the PSD files
    Since PSD files are image files, they cannot be read by the webs browsers. Hence, you must slice the files. For doing this the professionals involved in the project will have to encode every section of the site while slicing and include the functionalities required.

    Conversion of sliced PSD files into XHTML/HTML
    The next step is to get the sliced PSD files converted into HTML or XHTML format in order to make them compatible with the web. Professional website theme converters can do a good job for you in this regard. Expert professionals working on similar projects will have the technology and skills necessary to convert eh different elements of your website into HTML/XHTML format.

    Integration of the website with the Magento admin
    After encoding the website elements, the next process is to integrate the complete website with Magento admin through the templates best suitable for Magento. In addition to the wide range of website elements, it is possible to publish the fresh directories on to the server.

    Updating relevant data to the website
    The final step is to add all the relevant data like images, videos, product descriptions and other features on your website. This step is crucial to decide whether the conversion project has happened successfully and whether all the functionalities are doing well as per the expectations. The data required must be added to the site as desired.

    Make the right choice
    Businesses of today have an easy access to a large number of firms offering PSD to Magento conversion projects. However, to achieve the project in the perfect way, you need to find the right firm that has the necessary knowledge, technology, accomplished team and a good track record.

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