Key Factors That Determines Mobile App Development Cost

  • There is a tremendous rise in the usage rate of mobile phones and users are regularly spending more than 80% of their mobile time on the apps. Anyone having smartphone makes use of mobile apps that are installed on their phones to get directions, play games, book tickets, read the news and much more. 90% of the US enterprises are increasing their investments in the mobile app development sector to meet the growing demand. Though millions of apps exist today in App store, not all app are successful due to inefficient app development process. The cost of the mobile app is one of the important factors that needs to be planned before building the app.

    There are some main factors that impact the cost of mobile app development process irrespective of the size of the project. Let’s find out the key points on How Much Cost to Create an App will take:

    App Functionality

    One factor that determines the cost of the app is the functionality or purpose for which app needs to be developed. A small mobile app that is meant for business purpose will require lesser cost as compared to a high-level application that is intended for a global audience. Decide the types of users you are targeting for the app, as it will impact the development cost.

    Platforms Supported

    Another thing that affects the cost and the time taken during the development process is the platforms that will support the mobile app. For example, it can be iOS, Android, Windows or all of them. The device on which the app will work is also a deciding factor that impacts the cost whether it will support phones, tablets or both.

    Visual Elements

    While building apps, advanced UI elements can be included to provide delightful user experience with the help of real-time 3D graphics, visual animations, etc. Using these visual objects in the development of the mobile app will make it look good but it will cost more. However, the hybrid app frameworks cannot take advantages of hardware specific user interfaces.

    Using Phone’s features

    Many mobile apps use the features of the phones such as GPS, location-based functionality, audio speaker, camera, etc. to provide a better experience to the users. If these features need to be incorporated in the app, more cost will be required accordingly.

    In-App Integration

    Though small startups do not want to invest in the development cost of the mobile app, there are some features that may cost more during the build but is beneficial in long run. Integrating the mobile app with the third-party systems like Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint, etc. is a good choice that will save your money and time in future.


    The cost of the app does not end with the development process, as a maintenance of the app after delivery also affect the cost. There may be an addition of new features that needs to be updated on the app with time so that the app remains fresh and relevant even after years of launch.

    Determining the cost of the mobile app can be a lengthy process but with the right technology partner, you can easily estimate on how much to make an app will cost. Make sure that the key factors discussed above are considered while determining the mobile app development cost.