IoT & Mobility - What the Future Holds?

  • Many of you must have heard about Internet of Things, also known as IoT that is becoming very popular nowadays. Let us see what exactly it is and how it will change the way the interaction between the businesses and the physical world. IoT is a term that enables everyday objects to have network connectivity giving them the ability to receive and send data through the internet. The era of digital transformation is evolving every day and is becoming essential for ensuring the future success of the companies. The businesses manage this transformation procedure for promoting higher growth, profit, and customer engagement rates.

    Role of IoT in Personal & Corporate World

    Every aspect of our daily routines and tasks are being affected by the usage of these technologies. We are becoming reliable towards the technology of Internet of Things for connecting us to applications, services, and vendors. We can connect IoT through several things like smartphones, wearables, connected homes, GPS locators, virtual assistant and other sensors.

    If we talk in terms of corporate perspective, a huge amount of data that are generated through the connection of billions of sensors and enterprise devices is creating the possibility for a whole new level of integration & data usage into business decisions. However, the complexity involved is often underestimated when it comes to developing efficient enterprise applications that can fulfill all the functions of the company as expected. As per the Infographic analyzed by Intel, the growth of IoT will exponentially increase up to 200 billion connected devices by the year 2020. It also means that the task of using the information to make real-time decisions is more likely to be tougher than ever.

    Collaboration of IoT & Mobility

    The coupling of connected people & things enabled by mobility is the essential part of the IoT. All around the world, development in mobility is widening the reach of not just Internet of Things but also Internet of Everything(IoE) to provide more comfort and familiarity with the usage of these new technologies. It will help in transforming the information into actions keeping companies more competitive, establish better capabilities & build rich mobile experiences. Few examples are:

    • What about having access to unprecedented mobility for Health system that spreads clinical health info? MemorialCare health system takes help from Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution to connect mobile clinicians to necessary clinical systems. Accessible to administrative & medical staff, users make use of mobile carts network with wireless-enabled PCs to communicate and access patient records from anywhere within their hospital.
    • We are aware of many healthcare wearables that can track our calories, heart rate, etc. We can also transform our health equipment to a smart device with the help of mobility. The company BitLock has designed a phone application that allows the user to lock the bike’s location or give access to anyone you know with the unique bike sharing system in the locality.

    As the Internet of Things becomes the latest tech trends in today’s world, mobility also continues to be a key factor responsible for its popularity. All the data that is collected can be leveraged in real time with the help of the mobile devices. To meet the expectations of the mobility’s role, every mobile app company are focusing on providing mobility solutions that can integrate with the technology behind Internet of Things. Combination of IoT and the mobility will not only prove beneficial for generating new business models but also on making the data actionable for real -time decisions simultaneously.