• Okay guys, I’ve wanted to cover this topic on the blog for a long time because it’s a super controversial subject in the blogging world and I personally find it extremely slimy and untruthful. Ever since I realized that SO MANY people (*cough cough, bloggers*) out there buy their likes & followers on Instagram, I have been fascinated and have looked way into it to do my research and to be able to report back to you guys from all angles. And I suggest you to Buy instagram followers from instafellow.

     First Of All… What Is It?

    When I first heard about people purchasing their likes & followers on Instagram I didn’t believe that established bloggers or brands could really get away with it, so I wrote it off as something only super untruthful people did. Obviously it’s so against Instagram’s policy to do something like that, so I figured why would anyone credible risk it and put themselves into a position where they may lose your account if they got caught? (Let alone the whole authenticity thing… I mean, hello.) But I’ve since learned that there are many, many loopholes in the Instagram system & many thriving businesses that SELL likes and followers! WTF, right?!

    My first question about the whole thing was: WHERE do people even go to buy likes & followers? Isn’t it some sort of underground business… Wouldn’t it be sketchy to hand over your money to people selling Instagram likes?! So of course I looked into it myself to see what I could find. What I found were that there were ALL sorts of websites that sell likes and followers for a wide range of prices. All you have to do is type in your Instagram handle, choose the amount of likes or followers (or both) that you want, and cough up some money. Not even THAT much money, to be honest.

     My Own Personal Experiment.

    In good fashion, after I did some research about different sites in the business, I bought some likes (not followers, sorry, TOO weird for me after building a business around authentically growing my following) to see what all the hype was about and to be able to accurately critique the whole process. The first thing I did was purchase 500 likes for about $10.00. Sounds innocent enough, right?

     While the transaction was going through, I was basically terrified that A) My Instagram account would get shut down for doing something against policy, B) Everyone would look at my photo and KNOW that I had just bought likes and that I would lose all of my credibility and authenticity, C) The website was fake and would just steal my money and run off with it, and D) That I would fall in love with the idea of “having more likes” and want to do it again and again.

     Those were my fears. I’ll tell you what actually happened. The “likes” started flooding in pretty much immediately on the specific photo that I’d chosen. (Oh, that’s the other thing, you can choose a photo or spread the likes out over several different photos.) After about 5 minutes had passed, I had 500 new “likes” tacked on to my most recent IG photo. It seemed way too easy to be true… If it were THAT easy, and honestly that cheap, why weren’t more people doing it, I thought?

     (By the way, don’t think I didn’t feel guilty as F throughout the whole process. I felt strange and so inauthentic even though I was really just trying it out of curiosity. But I will get to that in a minute.)

     The Catch.

    Then I realized what the catch was. Even though these likes were coming in and looked real, if you clicked on the people who had liked my photo, the first 500 people that popped up were literally robot profiles. ROBOT PROFILES! Not real people. I mean, I knew this wouldn’t be real people liking my photo when I was purchasing the likes, but seeming the robot accounts for myself freaked me out and then really sent me into thinking “EVERYONE’S GOING TO KNOW I BOUGHT LIKES NOW!!” I take my authenticity on the Internet very seriously, so although this may sound like a trivial freak out sesh, it had legitimacy in my head.

     The way you can tell if a profile is real or a robot is basically by looking at it for two seconds. The robot profiles always have some kind of weird bio that barely makes sense– some I saw were, “Just got a divorce and looking for a good time!” “Say hi to me, I love Instagram!” “Motorcycles and chicks” “Life ROCKS!!!!” and many more simple, robotic sounding phrases that I just couldn’t imagine a real person crafting their Instagram bio would ever say.

     The other way you can tell whether an account is real or not is by taking a quick glance at the account’s photos. Some of these robot profiles are set to private and they each have very few followers. The ones that are not private always have about 12-15 photos, with NO likes or comments, and just look faker than life. They are either random selfies of the same person over and over, weirdly filtered photos of cars / bikes / scenic views / anything, and you can just TELL if you’re a perceptive person at all that they belong to someone who is not real. They are accounts crafted by like/follower selling companies in order to keep their businesses running.


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