Understanding the Connection Between Your Insurance

  • A number of factors play significant role in determining your car insurance premium. These include the type of car you drive, driving record, insurance history, city and state you live in, and more.

    When seeking Free Car Insurance Quotes online, don’t forget to mention your tickets to get a more accurate quote. Not all tickets affect your policy, but you must know the repercussions of each ticket:

    Minor and Major Traffic Infringements

    There are a number of minor infractions that can affect your premium in case you get a ticket. These include:

    •    Speeding
    •    Not wearing a seat belt
    •    Not following the stop sign or traffic lights
    •    Not signaling
    •    Improper lane changes and others

    Apart from these, there are also major traffic breaches that will cost you a lot more in fine and severity on your insurance. Some of the common ones include:

    •    Driving without an insurance
    •    Failure to report an accident
    •    Not stopping for or improperly passing a school bus
    •    Giving wrong insurance statements
    •    Speeding in a school zone

    Lastly, there are some really serious convictions that might lead you to lose your licence or face criminal charges. These will negatively impact your auto insurance in more ways than one. Some of these include:

    •    Careless driving charges are normally in the case of collision when the driver is driving the vehicle without due care and attention
    •    Racing or stunt driving, squealing your tires, attempting dangerous maneuvers can lead to a 7-day suspension of your licence
    •    Driving when impaired - in Canada, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both is considered a criminal offence

    Demerit Points
    Every traffic rule you break leads to demerit points on your driver’s licence. Every province in Canada has its own demerit point system and if you get too many of them, your licence can be suspended. If you continue to collect demerit points after your licence is reinstated, it can be suspended for a longer period of time.

    In Calgary, Alberta, demerit points begin accumulating from the date of conviction and remain on your driving record for 2 years from the conviction date. Demerit points don’t affect your insurance premium directly. The premium will increase with the tickets, no matter what demerit points are associated with it. However, if your licence gets suspended, your premiums will increase significantly.

    Parking Tickets
    Parking tickets are one of the most common types of infractions in Canada. Luckily, they will not have an effect on your insurance rate, policy or licence as these are not ****** violations. However, if you want to renew your licence plate, you won’t be able to do so until you’ve paid off all the accumulated parking tickets.

    Tickets and Quotes
    Even though you have two or three tickets on your driving record, you can still save some money on your insurance premiums. However, it is best to mention all the details of your tickets when searching for quotes.

    When looking for free car insurance quotes, make sure you compare all the policies thoroughly and choose the ones best suited for your needs. Remember to consider your driving style and history while choosing your insurance.

    This information will help you find the right policy based on your driving record and ensure you are paying the right premium for your auto insurance.

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