SEO Necessities for Your WordPress Blog!

  • Optimizing or improving your websites is essential for getting new users. To achieve this, SEO is conducted- a very straightforward concept. It is an acronym used for the term ‘search engine optimization’. If you want search engines to receive better information while accurately ensuring content indexing, SEO is the way to succeed.

    SEO can drive conversion rate at 14.6 percent if done perfectly.

    When it comes to WordPress, it is one of the best content management systems to support SEO activities. Currently, there are approximately 76.5 million blogs powered by WordPress. However, not each of them is famous or well-known by the audience. One reason behind them may be insufficient SEO practices.

    What good a WordPress blog if no one knows about it or reads it? So, it is of utmost importance to some sort of SEO strategy ready to improve your visibility on search engines.

    In this article, the SEO necessities and best practices to optimize your WordPress site are outlined that will enable you to improve your site’s rankings.

    Let’s start!

    Basic SEO for WordPress

    Before hiring a WordPress developers to look into your site’s SEO, you need to look at some basics of WordPress optimization on your own. For instance, you can check your website’s visibility settings as WordPress comes with a default option to hide your blog site from search engines. The sole purpose of this option is to perform alterations in your blog that you need to fix before going live.

    You can change this option once you are ready to go live with your WordPress blog. Go to settings→ Reading→ Remove the check from ‘discourage search engines from site indexing’

    Adding to this, you need to keep a check on your WordPress site URL structure. Try to make it SEO friendly while assuring its readability amongst both search engines and users.

    Schema Markup

    Majority of websites active under-utilize schema markup. However, it is an area that you can easily win over while aiming for higher organic web traffic. It can provide you with a required competitive edge that your WordPress blog requires to rank number one on leading search engine’s results.

    You can create schema easily by using plugins. Essentially, it can be referred to as the universal language of web that allows your site to communicate with search engines and bots regarding your blog services.

    Work on website speed optimization

    Speed plays an important role in websites. In an age of 4G and WiFi, you need to offer end users with agile web solutions instead of a long buffer. With ever-evolving digital world and technologies, people don’t prefer to wait even for an extra second. Just like them, search engines also don’t crawl websites that fail on website speed optimization.

    WordPress Speed Optimization is a deliberate topic. Whether you deal in a static website or a dynamic one. Websites like blogs, personal websites or small business websites that don’t undergo heavy web traffic loads are generally referred to static ones.

    If you are using a WordPress Platform and are tired of slow page loads, here are some tips to consider: choosing high-performance WordPress hosting, using CDN, website caching, front-end optimization (cut down on redirection, GZIP compression, minifying CSS, HTML & JavaScript, etc.)

    Using SEO plugins

    It is one of the easiest methods to fix your WordPress SEO. There are several SEO plugins available for your WordPress blog. You can explore the list of them on Google and find the suitable one for your SEO requirements.

    To name the most popular WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast SEO is the best plugin available in the market. It is among highly appreciated SEO plugins for many online business owners. With overall 2,000+ reviews, it helps you to improve your WordPress powered blog SEO to a great extent. However, you can look for any other alternative as per your convenience.


    SEO is a vital aspect for every website irrespective of its target niche. In this article, I have tried to come up with the most effective strategies that one can follow to optimize WordPress blog to attract higher web traffic.

    NOTE: I, hereby, declare that I don’t hold any intention of promoting any SEO tool. The illustrations mentioned are just for references.