Why should you chose Angular for your next Web App

  • | Wordpress | Today programmers are constantly looking for platforms with better readability, automaticity, and extensibility which led to the innovation of new techniques. A framework with robust features and which can cop with future up gradation.

    Angular JS is developed by Google and it brings a lot of advantages for designer and programmers such as-

    Dynamic Client side programming-Dynamic client-side programming, unlike usual HTML, gives a great mode of expression to interact with a user with desired content.

    Let’s discuss some of the remarkable advantages Angular brings

    User JavaScript language-It is user extended JavaScript which made it easy to learn. So for all those who know HTML won’t take much time to understand the basics of Angular.

    Single page application-Angular offer single page app with reloading on the same page for ads on this increases speed and reduce coding efforts.

    Data Binding-Two day’s data binding help to display real-time data such as Stock traded and consumption figures.

    Easier testing-Testing is an essential part of developing a web app. Writing testing for angular is easy and it makes the process for the developer and makes development process faster.

    Interpretative User Interface-HTML is more flexible ten compared to JavaScript it allows to make it easy to develop and user interface can be easily modified accordingly.

    So all these above features define that why anyone should choose Angular JS for next web app. Building an app on Angular is not just easy for the developer and smooth but various features discussed above made it agile over other platforms.

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