The Booming Field Of Web Development And The Languages You Need


    As we are continuously ****** towards to be an online generation, the field of web development is continuously growing. You can use web development to create web pages and websites that can be hosted online.


    The languages that are mainly used in web development are:

    1. HTML: It is used to make the front end, the design of the website. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. It stands for Hypertext markup language. All the tags that you will need while creating your website are available online. Even if you don’t belong to computer science, you can easily learn this language and create the outlines of your website.


    I would recommend you to first draw the basic design of your website on a piece of paper and then code. You will easily the codes for a particular section on the internet.


    If you are a beginner I would suggest you to go for this language and learn HTML as this will help you build your confidence plus it is very interesting and you can easily make changes as it can be easily understood.


    2. CSS: It stands for cascading style sheets. HTML is only to create the outlines but CSS will help you to decide colors, fonts, font size, etc. and basically style the website. It basically tells you how the website will look. You can play with this and bring out your creativity.

    Just like HTML, it is also easy to learn and while making your first website you can use HTML and CSS to create and style your website. Online tutorials are also available to help you wherever you feel stuck.


    3. SQL: HTML and CSS both are used to develop front end but what about the database and the values that we need to store. Suppose you are making a website for your business and you need to store the values of your clients that they entered during accessing your website then SQL comes in picture. It stands for the structured query language. It is used to develop back end and solve queries.


    4. JavaScript: It is somewhat similar to HTML so if you know HTML you will not struggle in learning JavaScript. JavaScript can change the HTML content and the value of its attributes.

    JavaScript is the language of HTML and web.

    JavaScript code will be written under tag in HTML.


    5. PHP: It is used to make interactive and dynamic web pages. If you want to learn PHP you should have the basic knowledge of:

    1. HTML

    2. CSS

    3. JavaScript


    If you are a beginner I would suggest you to first learn the above-stated languages and then go for PHP.

    You can learn these languages online from w3 schools as the material available on their site is amazing and also it is free of cost.

    You can easily find many tutorials online that are free of cost. So what are you waiting to start your journey of becoming a web developer?