Q&A: E-Flow Business Process Management (BPM) from Netoloji

  • Q&A: E-Flow Business Process Management (BPM) from Netoloji

    What does #BPM stand for?

    BPM stands for Business Process Management; a discipline involving any combination of modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimisation for any given business activities. * Nathaniel Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, BPM.com 

    - What is #E_Flow and how it can help my company?

    E-Flow, a no code Business Process Management tool, which helps companies to digitise and improve their business processes. 

    - How E-Flow differs from other #BPM tools?

    It’s a no-code, fully customisable and affordable product. Being nocode it is easy to instal and use without the need for expensive third party consultants. Installation time can normally be measured in hours, rather than days or even weeks, hence RoI is also achieved faster and users need very little training to master the drag and drop functionality.

    - What are most used applications of E-Flow?

    Our customers use E-Flow for a variety of purposes including: supply chain and financial management, production process management including lean manufacturing related audits such as S5, human resources management and financial processes in various disciplines such as: construction, air, rail and road transport, light and heavy manufacturing, automotive, construction (buildings and civil engineering roads, bridges etc.).

    - How costly is the product?

    In comparison with the competition, E-Flow is very affordable, yet it has a very high rating on platforms such as Capterra and G2 https://www.capterra.com/p/179363/E-FLOW/

    - What’s the Return on Investment (#ROI)?

    A study* from Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports 41% of their 1,100 respondents see payback from their BPM investment within one year and 17% within six months. *http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/06/prweb13451127.htm 

    - Do I need to buy the software?

    There are 2 options available for E-Flow; on premise (one time payment with maintenance payment starting from year 2) and Software as a Service (#SaaS).

    - Is a free trial available?

    As the software is quite affordable and available as #SaaS, we don’t offer a free trial.

    - Can E-Flow be integrated with ERP software or other 3rd party software?

    E-Flow can be integrated to #ERP software and other 3rd party software, as well as industry specific software as long as the software is open for data communication. Around 20% of customers do not have ERP.

    Can E-Flow be used on mobile devices?

    E-Flow has a native mobile application for both iOS and Android. This allows authorised personnel to create, amend or complete processes while travelling, abroad or most commonly, in the production area

    - How scalable is the product?

    E-Flow packages start from 5 users and can be scaled up to enterprise level.

    - How is the customer support?

    In addition to comprehensive documentation, E-Flow has an online portal, where our clients can have remote ticketing support from our customer service department. More comprehensive support is also available to purchase.

    Are any international references available?

    E-Flow is currently operating over 250 business partners in  Turkey, Bulgaria, Azerbajan, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, has more than 400 customers and 30.000 users. Internationally known users include: Pernod-Ricard, Kimberly-Clark, Pirelli, Maysan-Mando (JV), Cargill, TATA, Biocodex. Customer success videos are also available, some in English and others in Turkish with English subtitles.

    - Are you looking for any more partners?

    Yes, we are looking for VARs and VADs in most areas globally. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Netoloji and benefitting from some of the best margins available today, free online technical training, free end-customer targeted marketing, continuous corporate marketing, social media and IT press presence, as well as funding assistance for suitable local events.