Sales and Marketing Assessments

  • The Secret Shopper Programme analyses and evaluates companies’ real-time sales and marketing process, operations and skills from a buyers’ perspective. By following the buyer’s journey, companies are given an objective point of view of the buyer’s experience during that journey with detailed feedback and recommendations on +160 different parameters affecting the buying experience. Companies gain insight into areas where they are performing well and should reinforce as incentives or value propositions as well as areas that if improved, will increase opportunities to close, to raise total deal value or improve competitive advantage.

    Companies gain insight into their or their partners' abilities to sell in a complex buying environment that is highly competitive, increasingly automated and driven by the buyer.

    In the last 6-months, Alinea Partners has shopped +100 companies globally.  Best results produced when the Secret Shopper Program is combined with Improvement Plan.  This programme generated up to 30% revenue growth for participating companies.

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