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Groups - pricing and support packages

February 16, 2017
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Channeliser groups can help you nurture and recruit new partners.
Unlike LinkedIn groups you have a wide variety of content you can upload into your group - from blogs and documents through to photos, videos and discussions. Content should be partner focused and encourage a dialogue, not just between you and your partners but also between the partners. Partner-to-partner collaboration is increasingly important in this complex technical landscape and so enabling your partners to interact and talk to one another can create a more engaged partner community - one that can advise each other on best practice around your solution and work together.  

We can help you build a successful community with three simple steps;
  • Build partner facing content of interest
  • Invite you existing and new partners into the community (using Channeliser Advanced Search and external outbound campaigns).
  • Encourage interaction and engagement with discussions, blogs, polls and events.

Meet your Channel targets by building a partner recruitment and nurturing group on Channeliser and let us help you build a group of highly targeted partner prospects to your Channeliser Group, ready to talk partnership