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Different Ways to Search

  • Different Ways to Search on Channeliser.


    Advanced Precision Search - As a member of Channeliser, you can now take advantage of our precision search to find the perfect IT partner. Unlike many other social networks, Channeliser has an Advanced and Intelligent Search, that is IT industry specific. The matrix is based on years of experience of bringing IT partners together. You can search on a wide range of relevant criteria to drill down on your Search - in this way your search will only yield companies that are really of interest to you. Once you’ve located a potential partner, you can connect and engage with them on Channeliser.

    It’s up to you how you Search - When you log in, you’ll see the Search tab on the main menu. Click on it and go to Advanced Company Search. From here, you can filter your search of the Channeliser community. Search by simple criteria such as Keyword, Country, Type and Size of Business or use more advanced search criteria such as Business Activities, solution profile, deployment method or business services. You can narrow your search right down and immediately make contact with potential partners.

    Saved Search - One of the great features of Channeliser is that you can be automatically notified when a potential new partner joins Channeliser who meets your search criteria. In the ‘Advanced Company Search’ screen, you’ll see “Saved Search’. Click on the arrows and then enter your criteria in the Search fields below. Give your search a name and click Save Search. Now, when a new member joins that matches your criteria, you’ll be told about it immediately.

    There are many other powerful search options available to you, such as an alphabetical Company Listing, search for Members, Blogs, Documents, Videos and Events. These options let you browse through topics or use keywords to find information relevant to you.

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