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Let's get Social

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    Promote your company – Channeliser gives you a whole host of different ways to promote your company within the IT Industry, but firstly we recommend you ensure you have profiled your company fully as this will help other members find you in advanced searches. Members can add content to their company pages and then use the Social Share buttons on their company update page – this enables you to share your content to the Channeliser activity feed but also to your other social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. (See above)

    Interesting Groups – Channeliser has Public Interest Groups where you can discuss key industry issues with other members. These are free to join.

    Blogging - you can post Blogs as an individual or even as a company – which is a key advantage as this content rests with your company even if someone leaves.

    Classified Adverts - are free to post for members and enables you to post adverts to the entire Channeliser community quickly and effectively.

    Group Ownership – these are available to members who wish to manage their own communities within Channeliser. These are an excellent way to establish a secure, closed community for you and your partners. Here you can share company confidential information and documents with partners anywhere in the world. It is like your own mini, private, partner portal and community but those in your private group also benefit from being part of the wider Channeliser community. To learn more about Group ownership please see here or please contact us

    Getting Social - tell people what you think - Joining a Group keeps you up to date with the latest trends on that topic. But, to make the most of our Interest Groups, you need to take part. Start a discussion or comment. Not only will this help other members understand more about your areas of expertise, it will increase the profile of your company on Channeliser. The more active you are within the community, the higher you’ll rank when others are searching for partners.


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