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How to Advertise on Channeliser?

  • How do you ensure your message reaches the entire Channeliser community quickly? Our Classified Adverts give you a great way for you to promote your company. It’s quick and easy. Classified Adverts are FREE to list.

    Read the Classified - As soon as you log in, Classified Adverts can be found in the Search tab on the main menu. Take a look and read some of these (using search as a filter to see what is of interest to you) and also to see what styles you like! When you’re ready, click on Post a new listing to create your own Channeliser Classified Adverts.

    Create your Classified Ad - In the Post a New Listing screen, you’ll see a number of fields. Give your Classified Adverts an appealing title to draw people in. Select a Category for the listing, such as Promotions, Services on Offer or Looking for Resellers. Then compose your advert. Using the WYSIWYG editor You can add pictures or videos to your post to give it more impact. Use the Eye icon in the editor to preview your advert before you publish. Remember to add your logo or a picture that relates to your advert in the Main Photo upload field. This is the image that will appear on the Classified Adverts landing page.

    Think Price, Place, Promotion - There are a few more fields that you should take care to complete. Start with the Tags field. You can add any tag you want and you’ll be prompted with existing tags as you enter your tags. This will make you advert easier for others to search for and find. Where appropriate, complete the Price field to allow others to see the cost of your product or service. Lastly, you should ensure you complete the Location field. This is a very common search criterion.

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