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How to Blog on Channeliser

  • The key thing to remember when blogging on Channeliser is that you can blog as an individual, or even as a company - giving you the flexibility to present your own views of those of your company.

    Blogging is one of the best tools for promoting your company on Channeliser and it will raise the prominence of your Company Profile. Our Blog functionality is easy to use and, if you create it properly, will increase your visibility within the Channeliser community and beyond. We all know the power of a good Blog. Blogging on Channeliser takes this to the next level by helping you reach the right people within Channeliser and beyond.

    Complete your Personal and Company Profiles - A picture, they say, paints a thousand words. A good profile picture will help your Blog entry so take a moment to complete your Personal Profile and that of your company. These will appear beside your entry on the Blogs landing page. Go to Profile / My Profile on the top bar of Channeliser and complete each of the sections, including your profile photo. And go to Profile / My Company Profile and Edit to ensure your company profile is fully complete with your logo uploaded. It is worth completing each section as fully as possible as you know that, if someone likes a Blog, they will check out the profile of the person and that of the company who posted the Blog.

    Write a Blog on behalf of your company or as an individual member - On the My Company Profile main menu click View and you will see a sub-menu with the tab Blogs, click on Write New Entry. Like any content, you must give your Blog an appealing title. After this, you can draft the body of your article. You can add Links, Pictures and Videos to illustrate your Blog. Your entry shouldn’t be too short – not less than 300 words – and can be as long as you like. Before you click Post Entry use the Eye icon in the WYSIWYG editor to make sure everything is correct. Channeliser has the flexibility to enable you to post blogs as a company or as an individual member.

    But, before you go ahead and publish…

    Think Search - Our Blogs are searchable so your comments are not lost in the noise of larger social sites that are not specific to our IT industry. So, please take time to ensure your entry is as accessible and searchable as possible. Add all the relevant Tags to your post. Also think about important keywords. If you have keywords that are important for your website and social presence, have you added them to your Blog? Make your keywords into Tags but also put keywords into your Title and the full text of your new entry. Remember that your Blog not only raises your profile on Channeliser, it also ranks on search engines like Google.

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