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More ways to be Social on Channeliser

  • Channeliser is a powerful platform to identify and connect with IT partners worldwide. It is also a comprehensive social network. The more you participate, the higher your company will rank on Channeliser and beyond.

    Post pictures and videos - Adding images is one of the most popular features on Channeliser. You can add your own Photo Albums and share them with other members. Simply go to Albums in the Interests tab in the main menu. Click on Add New Photos and complete the fields. Remember to give a good description of your Album - it will help you be found on Channeliser. You can do exactly the same with your videos. On the My Company Profile main menu, click View and you will see a sub-menu with the tab Videos that you can click on. Or in the Interests main menu, go to Videos and click on Post New Video. Once you’ve completed the information fields, select your video source and simply post in the URL of the Video Source. Not only will you become more prominent on Channeliser, your pictures and videos will rank on search engines such as Google.

    Create your own Poll - Do you want to know a little more about what other members think? Our Polls feature allows you to quickly and easily ask simple questions. Go to Polls in the Interests tab in the main menu and click Create New Poll. Give you Poll an attractive title, then ask your question in the Description field. We recommend you keep it brief! You can provide many multiple-choice options in the Possible Answers field by clicking on Add Another Option. When complete, click on Create Poll. You have just created your first Channeliser Poll. This service is FREE until September 2016.

    Promote your event - If you have an upcoming event, Channeliser allows you to promote it to members. Go to Events in the Interests tab in the main menu and click Create New Event. When adding details, there are a few things to consider. Keep your Description brief. It will make it easier for people to read. Add an interesting image in the Main Photo field as this will be the first thing people see on the Events landing page. Select the type of event in Event Category. You can also decide how you invite people to your event. You can leave the event open to everyone or only allow people to join through RSVP from a private invite from you. Posting events on Channeliser is FREE until September 2016.

    Join our Forums - As well as public Interest Groups, Channeliser has a number of Forums in which you can participate and it is simple for you to become involved. You can comment on a Topic thread or you can begin your own Topic. On the Forums landing page, select the Forum of interest to you and click Post New Topic. Give your Topic a title and give an overview of what you’d like to discuss. You can add Links, Pictures and Videos to illustrate your post. The Forums section is also a good way for your questions to be answered quickly on Channeliser itself and any Technical Support queries you may have.

      August 9, 2016 2:48 PM BST