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Completing your Personal Profile


    With Channeliser, you don’t just have a Company Profile, you also have your own Personal Profile. It lets you connect at both a company and personal level so that you can identify the right person within an organisation.

    Complete your Personal Profile - When you log in go to the My Profile tab on the top bar of Channeliser. On your Personal Profile page, click on Edit profile. Here you can enter all the basic information about yourself including a Profile photo, a personal description and your social media details. Beside each field, you will see a small Globe icon. This lets you set the level of privacy you want on a field-by-field basis so you can show a minimum amount of information publically and give more to your Friends and Networks.

    Start making Connections - Once you are happy with your Personal Profile, it’s time to start building your connections on Channeliser. There are two ways to reach out to contacts. First, go to the Connections tab in the main menu and click on Invite. You can invite your friends and colleagues to join you on Channeliser via your Company Page or Personal Profile. send up to 10 emails at a time and customise your message. Secondly, you can reach out to other members on Channeliser by inviting them to connect with you, if they accept you can then send them a message using My Messages.


    Adjust your Settings - Channeliser is completely customisable so you can ensure that you have the privacy you need and you only receive the information you want. To set Privacy, go to the Settings tab on the top bar of Channeliser. You are presented with a number of options. Click on Privacy and you can choose which of your activities are public on Channeliser. Selecting Notifications is just as easy. Click on Notifications and you will see a long list of content sources. You can select which you would like to be kept informed about and a notification will be sent to you automatically each time that new content is added to Channeliser.

    Completing your Personal Profile will help you make connections with other Channeliser members. It will ensure that you are kept up to date on the information that’s relevant to you.

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