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Case Study - Positive and Infinite Systems


    The Challenge

    When successful retail solutions company, Positive Solutions in Ireland were looking to expand further, beyond their traditional retail specialisation into associated sectors, they recognised they needed a partner. Certified on Dynamics AX, which sits at the core of their Microsoft AX for retail solution, they were looking for a partner who could extend the functionality into distribution, supply chain and other markets with sector specific knowledge, product add-ins and resources that would combine to present a more compelling proposition.

    Problem solved

    Using Channeliser’s intelligent search they carefully selected possible partners and viewed their company profiles on Channeliser to assess their suitability.

    And then they made contact through Channeliser.

    Amongst those contacted was Infinite Solutions based in Macedonia an IT software and consulting company specializing in ERP solutions with sector expertise in manufacturing, defense, finance and retail. Infinite has proven Dynamics AX ERP implementations such as Michelin Tigar Tires and they also sell their own range of add-ins for Dynamics AX such as “Item Nomenclature” which allows a more detailed and accurate picture to be specified around the characteristics of an “item” in Dynamics AX – essential in a broad range of industries for more complex process management on equipment and supplies.

    This new partnership has now been able to attract new opportunities who were not only looking for a retail solution, but looking to replace their ERP systems; everything from accounts through supply chain and to CRM. The partnership can now deliver on a broader base of solution requirements with a combined team of experts.

    The Strategic Partnership

    Although still at the early stages the alliance has taken on far greater importance. Initially the combined partnership are planning to deliver a complex ERP solution to a large IT company which involves collaboration at every stage from assessment and scoping, through to customisation and integration of software IP, and finally the actual deployment of the solution, monitoring and optimization.

    Excitingly, the plans are now being drawn up for an extended strategic partnership between Positive Solutions and Infinite Solutions as they are working on building a combined retail solution, based on Dynamics AX for retail, but extended and customised and “market-ready” specifically for the customers of their new combined customer (NAME would be ideal if we can on gaining authority?).
    So what started as a simple and easy search on Channeliser to find the exact right-fit partner has now become a new “Go to Market” strategy for a combined solution of the combined organisations.

    The Parties

    Positive Solutions is all about technology for retail. As Ireland’s leading EPOS, retail solutions and software provider, Positive Solutions provides fully integrated solutions for today’s competitive retailer. Retailers, both large and small, need to have quality, useable, flexible and integrated solutions to build business efficiency, drive down costs and compete in an increasingly fast-paced industry.

    Infinite Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner and .Net company, with a team of highly skilled development professionals and broad sector experience along with being a pioneer in interactive virtual teams. Infinite’s expertise in AX, .Net, CRM, SharePoint and custom development brings a unique combination of delivery experts and technology innovation so that they can deliver custom end-to-end solutions.

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