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  • The Infor Channel program

    Posted by Alison Bowen February 22, 2017 - Category: Partner Program 178 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Access. Clarity. Excellence.
    The Infor Channel Partner program prides itself on features
    that are inclusive for all channel partners, at all levels.

    Key components include:

    The Infor Channel Partner program is a tier program for resellers.
    Our channel partners have access to channel sales managers,
    sales and marketing tools, technical resources, and incentives.


    In building the Infor Channel Partner program, we have kept one
    guiding principal at the forefront: clear market definition. Many
    vendor partner programs say they address channel conflict,
    but in reality, this often remains a gray area. The Infor Partner
    Network has clearly outlined market segments—dependent
    on solution, geography, and deal size—in order to create
    accountability and trust for our channel partners and our direct
    sales organization. Adherence to the defined market segments
    is closely monitored.


    The Infor Partner Network has one simple program tenet—the
    relentless pursuit of partner excellence. With the strongest SMEs
    in their respective industries, IPN support, and the ability to sell
    Infor’s beautiful and transformative business solutions, your
    growth as a channel partner is certain—wherever in the world
    you may be.