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  • Digital transformation is growing the partner-to-partner model

    Posted by Jacqui Rand October 10, 2018 176 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Consultant  #VAR  #Reseller  #partner  #/digital Transformation  #Partner-to-partner 

    Digital transformation is a reality for most businesses of any size in 2018, only differing in the scale and pace of change. And evidence is growing that the pace is picking up. This year Gartner reported that CEOs are increasingly shifting their perspective to focus more on digital to drive growth, particularly digital transformation. And that means greater opportunities not just for software vendors and resellers, but also for digital partnerships.

     For while digital transformation means more opportunities for software providers, the scale and complexity can often lead to more than a few headaches, particularly with finding the expertise to satisfy the ever-shifting scope of client demands.

    Not every provider can offer a full range of technical expertise, from cloud storage to ecommerce to online collaboration and everything in-between. Nor should they. Even organisations that claim to offer a full service, tend to be more skilled and better equipped in some areas than others.

     For the larger provider, with their own in-house team, they are generally obliged to use those rather than having the freedom to find the exact right specialist who is perfect for a given project.

     And so, many providers will claim that they can ‘do it all’, but often that is more of a  brand promise than reality as they do not wish to be seen as offering less than the competition. But in the increasingly complex and innovative (not to mention costly) world of digital transformation, there is growing scepticism about umbrella providers’ claims.

     Realisation is growing that effective (and cost-effective) digital transformation requires a range of specialisms that are unlikely to exist within one entity or organisation.

     Up-skilling to meet client demands can be a costly – and sometimes risky – business. Especially when deadlines are tight. But why cobble together the ideal solution when you can partner with an expert who has been there, seen it, done it, and can share their experience and expertise with you.  In this way you can benefit from their experience and expertise in their chosen specialist area and provide “Best of Breed” to your customer.

     This is where “partnerships” have the distinct advantage over the ‘one stop shop’ ethos.

     This approach also signals to clients that you have thought long and hard about their requirements and brought in the right team and these partnerships ensure a genuine sharing of skillsets and innovative thinking and collaboration.

     Partnering with known experts can also provide a superior selling point for vendors, with two or more partners providing a co-sale offering that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

     Whether it’s storage, collaboration, marketing, sales, analytics, transformation management or any of myriad specialisms enabled by digitalisation, providers are increasingly realising that working with other partners gives them not only the capacity to deliver the best solution, but also the ability to provide a cohesive, joined-up vehicle for pitches.

     Finding the right partners is, of course, key. That’s where dedicated platforms like Channeliser can make the difference, with built-in tools that make it easier to find and collaborate with the ideal partners for your business. Think of it as your expert partner in finding, vetting and approving your next key partnership.  The Channeliser solution can also be brought in-house to help collaboration within your own partner ecosystem by simply adding “Social” to your own partner portal or website.