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  • Partner Community Building

    Posted by Jacqui Rand October 10, 2016 - Category: Partner Program 199 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Welcome to Channeliser Private Groups - for more info please email

    We are delighted to welcome you, as you build your own private community on Channeliser, where your members can be part of your own private community, but also benefit from being part of the wider Channeliser community.

    To help you build your Channeliser Private Group as quickly and easily as possible, we have defined this process and provided you with a number of templates. Please help us improve these and let us know if there is anything we can do to make the process easier.

    Build your company profile
    Build your company profile according to the FAQ's in "Forums" then add your team employees so that they can add content and collaterals to your company page as well.

    Define your group objectives so we can tailor your private Group Settings.
    Enabling your partners to communicate with you on the Channeliser social business platform and extending your partner portal to enable partner-to-partner collaboration. 

    • Use blogs and videos and docs to keep your channel up to date with what you are doing, upon which they can comment and interact. 
    • Use forums to get feedback and solicit conversations with your partners.
    • Use polls to get direct and precise feed-back and learn how your actions impact your channel and use the social interaction to overcome challenges and work better together. 
    • Encourage your partners to post blogs, customer success stories and share information that can help the whole community.
    • Design and customise the look & feel for your private group

    We can help you with this or you can have access to the design templates to develop your own customised experience.

    Upload and post relevant content
    We all know that engaging content pulls in your community and creates loyalty.  Did you know that adding a graphic or photo increases engagement by 94% - see Dan's article in the "Marketing Best Practice" Group discusisons.

    Communicate to your partners and invite them to contribute  

    There are template emails and in-site messages you can use to help engage your partners or use forums to initiate conversations.

    Data import of partners
    To accelerate the effectiveness of your private group, rather than wait for each partner to complete their own profile – we can give you a helping hand and upload the basic details. There is a simple “opt-in” so partner can decide if they want their profile to be visible to the wider Channeliser community.