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  • 5 Ways To Generate Sales Demand Through Channel Partners

    Posted by Line Carrier May 14 - Category: Partner Program 67 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    All vendors want their channel partners to be selling more, but what are the best ways to do it?

    Here are 5 ways to consider:

    1. Do a breakfast and learn with your partner and their clients. Lunch and learns also work. Maybe do both on the same day to give attendees the choice. If the travel is too heavy, do a webinar. Create the invitation, registration and do the presentation. The only thing that the partner should do is work their customer list to invite. At the same time, use the event to teach partners how to do it right. Measure results.
    2. Do buddy calls with partners. Try to do several in one day with one partner or several partners. Ensure these meetings count by properly pre-qualifying the end-users with the partner.
    3. Do specially targeted local events like trade shows or small group meet-ups with your partners. Targeting a group of specific industry-related businesses seem to work best. For general businesses, the local chamber of commerce can be a great choice, but don’t forget associations and other community peer-groups.
    4. Do digital and social marketing, but only if the plan is right. The opportunities are huge with digital marketing. Unfortunately this is way too deep to explain in this article. If you are interested, ask for more info.
    5. If you can, do a deep dive with the partner to align your sales goals with their marketing capabilities. If you simply do not understand what this means, maybe get some professional help to do it. It is NOT easy, but magic happens when the vendor and partner are align.

    The end result of whatever you do should also lean towards teaching them “how to fish instead of giving a fish”. It should all be about generating predictable and sustainable awareness to their end-users.

    Content has to be well written and tend towards newsworthiness. It has to make the case without sounding like a sales pitch. No one wants to read a brochure. Always deliver high-value content and eventually you will earn trust that leads to sales opportunities.

    TIP: Generate a very wide variety of content so that many partners can leverage without all sounding the same and reeking havoc with SEO results (when the same content is regurgitated too often, it looses its impact and ranking on search engines). 

    With a good stream and variety