• HireTester
    #SharingExperience. An application for taxi booking.
    Task: Running testing scenarios simultaneously for a passenger and driver under real-life conditions.
    #HireTester Solution: Full-cycle real-life testing. We have run load and server availability...  more
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    Postman, Katalon Studio or REST Assured: what will you choose for automated API testing?
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting
  • HireTester
    #LoadTesting. Here what you should know about the main types of load testing:
    Performance Testing. The main goal here is to define the application scalability under the load and:
    - Measure the time spent on the selected processes execution.
    - Define...  more
  • HireTester
    #HireTester Team. Domains we work in:
    - Finance
    - Retail
    -...  more
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