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    Posted by Jacqui Rand August 22, 2016 - 1,002 views - 0 comments - 1 like

    Channeliser is the global network for IT companies looking to partner.
    Search, connect, collaborate and engage with potential IT companies on Channeliser

    Channeliser is the only service, designed specifically for the IT industry, that facilitates the identification and engagement of prospective IT partners anywhere in the world.

    Finding the right partners for your business is hard; locating companies with best fit in areas such as solution focus, industry and geo is no easy task. But, IT companies can no longer work in isolation, they need to build a network of trading partners, both large and small, to complete their product and service offerings or provide market coverage.

    Channeliser enables companies to locate and engage with complementary IT companies around the world, becoming more agile and responsive to the needs of the customer, as they form partnerships to deliver today’s innovative and complex solutions, from Cloud to IoT.

    Use Channeliser to:
    • Quickly identity and contact potential partners.
    • Build and maintain those partner relationships.
    • Learn about IT topics and engage in discussions and forums.
    • Promote your company to a highly targeted IT audience.

    Let Channeliser be your next-generation partner portal for interaction and collaboration

    Channeliser is vendor and solution agnostic, open to everyone in our industry and designed specifically for the IT industry, so news and views will be relevant and not lost in social noise.

    How Channeliser helps
    Build your partner network
    Searching for IT partners is hard; using search engines or vendor specific sites limits your reach. Channeliser precision search means you can find the exact, right-fit partners for your business.

    Manage your partner network
    Keep all your partner relationships in one place, on a collaborative platform shared by all your team, making sharing, engaging and collaborating easy.

    Promote your company
    As Channeliser is industry specific your discussions, blogs, updates and contributions are not lost in the noise of generic social platforms.

    Maintain Company connections
    Channeliser allows both a personal and a Corporate profile; so you can retain your corporate social history, interactions and connections. When someone leaves, your Corporate history remains intact.

    A Picture Paints a 1000 words
    Your company can post videos, graphics, photos and links within blogs, discussions and social updates. Receive 94% more engagement with digital and engaging posts.

    Next Generation partner portal
    Manage your own Private invite-only Group within Channeliser so you can securely exchange and share confidential information. Uniquely, provide your partners with an interactive partner-to-partner community on Channeliser.

    Profile once, join multiple Groups or Communities
    Join a Private Partner groups, but build your Corporate profile only once and share that with the wider Channeliser community.

    Share and learn
    A wide range of Interest Groups will provide you with topical and interesting content. Benefit from the knowledge held within the entire Channeliser community.

    Helping IT Companies do Business

    Designed specifically for the IT Industry
    Searching on Channeliser identifies exactly what you are looking for; hardware, software, Telco, VAR, CSP, Services, Distribution.

    Global Coverage
    Channeliser gives you access to IT companies throughout the world, enabling you to expand your reach across Geo’s.

    Vendor Neutral
    Today’s technology solutions are made up of different technologies. Channeliser uniquely gives you one place to find potential IT companies, irrelevant of solution platform.

    Partner to Partner
    Collaboration is hard on a static partner portal; Channeliser gives IT companies the ability to search, connect and engage with each other, collaboratively. Find solutions, suppliers and services.

    Whoever you are - let Channeliser Connect you

    Vendors of hardware, software, Telco and Cloud
    Vendors can manage a channel of partners but where do you find new partners to launch new solutions or expand into new Geos? Channeliser. And how can you allow your partners to interact and share knowledge and collaborate? Channeliser. And where can you offer them one place, to profile themselves once and promote their company, while sharing privately confidential information? Channeliser.

    Value Added Resellers
    VARs manage an increasing number of vendor relationships; manage them in one place on Channeliser and never lose a connection again. Find new innovations and new technologies for your customers, expand into new sectors and regions. Access industry knowledge, solutions, resources, services and new technologies and stay ahead.

    Distributors manage huge channels of partners and need fast and smart access to new technologies and solutions to ensure they keep their VAR customers ahead. Channeliser provides access to a global IT community with innovative new solutions and a place to manage a next-generation partner-portal that allows collaboration and interaction with themselves and from partner to partner.

    IT Service Companies
    IT Service companies need to reach out and promote themselves to the IT community to offer their services. Channeliser offers the ideal, targeted, rich environment on which service companies can show-case their company offerings.

    Join the fastest growing IT community.
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