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  • Don’t lose sight of the “long-tail” – give them a cuddle in a Channeliser Huddle

    Don’t lose sight of the “long-tail” – give them a cuddle in a Channeliser Huddle….  Interesting debate on the 80/20 rule in @CRN_UK CRN Article  by Scharon Harding today and surprised at the dismissive attitude to the “Long-tail” of partners who are not considered sufficiently valuable to justify investment.  But I am firmly with @ Peter Thomas of Averetek on this; that “partnering” means staying engaged and building loyalty in both directions and from which meaningful business will evolve. 

    John DeSarbo of ZS Associates astutely suggests vendors should reduce the cost of serving the long-tail (rather than severing them completely as suggested by others), using e-coverage as you never know where the diamond in the rough may emerge. 

    For this we have the excellent solution – a Channeliser Huddle – an online community where you can serve your all of partners simply and easily.  You can simply upload content once and it is served up to all your partners and no, not just like a partner portal where partners are forced to go find things on their own. But in a real interactive community where partners can interact with the vendor, the content and each other – learning and staying engaged along with way – keeping that vendor top of mind for when the right opportunity arises. 

    Larry Walsh of 2112 cautions of falling in the “Long Tail Trap” (as servicing smaller partners with smaller deals is expensive), but if you can manage those partners in a community where they can self-help and learn best-practice from each other, then you can nurture them to revenue more easily and cost effectively.  Making a reality the wish; “if I can get the long tail to buy one more product, we’ll double our business”. 

    As Lee House of Sikich explained managing partners that don’t engage is expensive. 

    This is the fundamental premise on which we hang our hat at Channeliser increasing channel revenue is all about partner engagement. 

    A recent Microsoft survey proves that all generations increasingly use social tools to do business and this underpins the need for change in the way in which vendors work with partners.  Community and sharing can drive engagement – in the long tail or the VIPs. So, when PAMS and CAMS wake up in the morning they need to think about how to drive engagement in their partner communities.  We have the solution at Channeliser.


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