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  • Key Steps to Hire the Best Company for Mobile App Development in Singapore

    Posted by Vikas Singh February 13, 2018 - 280 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Mobile App Development in Singapore 

    So what’s your criterion of hiring the right app developer for you? Day by day competition is getting intense, and there are hundreds of proficient freelance professionals who are waiting to grab the clients. But knowing coding doesn’t mean they are professional app developers. So if you’re looking to have an adept mobile app development company, you should know the right criteria of selection. Let’s take a look at a few crucial steps for hiring the top mobile app developer:

    1. Checking portfolios

    An adept mobile app developer is well-versed with UI/UX skills. So for hiring the adept app developer, you need to check his portfolio and look for the apps, he has worked on. As this is what matters the most.

    1. Compare your choices wisely before hiring the best app developers

    Once you have shortlisted the candidates, you need to choose the best among them by wisely comparing them. And for that ask questions like:

    • Where you can check the mobile apps they have built?
    • Ask for the names of the previous companies and clients that they have worked with?
    • How they will communicate during the app development process?
    • What’s their plan to run the app development process?

    Once you get the answers of the above mentioned vital questions, you can get a skilled and well-versed app developer.

    1. Avoid considering price while hiring

    Price and budget should never be criteria for choosing an app developer. As many times an app development vendor that offers less quotation of the project could deliver disastrous results. In turn, this could result in increasing the long-term cost. So you should always aim to build an exceptional product, not a cheap one.

    1. Designs really matters

    Focus on an app developer who can come up with the exceptional designs and can add value and revenue to your product by using their skills and expertise. As it’s the first thing that user will see. And an app that has not so good design never captivates user’s attention, thus resulting in less downloads and low user acquisition.

    1. Search for app development partners in directories and popular platforms

    Always look for the developers in the popular and market-centric directories and popular platforms especially those which have active users. And once you find them, connect with them, ask queries and collaborate with them, too. As these directories and portals have the option to rate and reward developers. And you could hire developers as per your business requirements and budget.

    1. Using your Connections and Network

    If you are looking for a proficient, competent, and reliable mobile app developer, you could get on portals and on many searches as well. But if your network or connections will help you in getting them, then you’ll get assured results. As your network or connection must have worked with them band they know their drawbacks and positive points, both. Thus increases the reliability, credibility and reduces risks.


    Hope the above mentioned tips will help you in hiring the right app development company who understands your business needs and objectives. And if you are looking the best mobile app development company in Singapore or any other company, BrainMobi is the one, which can help you meet all your business requirements and goals.