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  • The 5 Statistics you need to know to increase channel revenue

    Posted by ML Whitten June 5, 2018 - 470 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #partnering  #Channeliser  #channels 

    We all know that engaging with your partners has a direct correlation to channel revenue, but how, in this noisy industry do you stay stop of mind with your partners?

    How do you keep them informed of new products and promotions and have a two-way dialogue to share knowledge, that reflects a true partnership?

    1. Only 17% of partners visit partner-portals (industry average), imagine how much more channel business you could do if you doubled that traffic by introducing compelling reasons for partners to come back? Building a proper community for partners where they can contribute, ask questions and connect with you and other partners creates an ecosystem of partners, not a one-way vendor push.
    2. By 2020 there will be more than 1m vendors states Forrester. Vendors have been working through channel partners since the industry began, with distribution and 2-tier channel models the norm in our industry.  But there is just so much more technology out there today you simply can’t be a specialist in everything and so need to partner, not just between vendor and reseller, but with the whole “shadow channel” and other resellers and specialists. 
    3. 90% of IT companies believe they need to partner to deliver solutions to customers. Facilitating this ability to “partner” will grow revenue as your technology is at the core of those partnerships. IDC, Forrester, Microsoft IAMPC and many other pundits have increasingly enforced the need for partnerships and “Partner-to-Partner”. 
    4. With over 2.5 billion regular social media users and increasing with millennials who now proliferate the business world, social business on social platforms is playing an increasing role in engagement; for making new business connections, for learning about opportunities and creating a horizontal dialogue, democratising the channel.
    5. Multi-billion-dollar companies are piling in; Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook WorkPlace, LinkedIn, are all throwing billions at this new collaboration space where individuals or groups of individuals are brought together to converse and communicate through a thread or chat; attaching content and perhaps even co-authoring and collaborating.

    We suggest you do the mathematics – if just 10% of your dormant partners re-engaged (delivering average partner revenue), what effect would that have on your channel business?

    Channeliser is uniquely designed for the IT industry and focuses on the Company, not just the individual – so members of your community will genuinely want to contribute to promote their company solutions and services to each other.  This isn’t another chat forum for individuals, but a Community-as-a-service solution that will enable you to power up your partner portal to include social interaction and collaboration. 

    Channeliser enables you to build your own community, seamlessly embedded into your partner portal, integrated to your PRM, using the Channeliser technology but customized to reflect your brand. It’s innovative and proven to succeed.

    Visit to see how a Channeliser community solution can amplify your partner engagement.