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  • How to Teach Creatively in a Fail-Safe Manner

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    When we talk about creativity in the classroom, we need to use both heart and mind at the same time. As we know that creativity is not something that can be taught out of a textbook, it is actually a good news as today’s digital world it has becomes as much important as the critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making skills.

    Industry experts state that in order to prioritize the inclusion of creativity up the list, teacher themselves need to understand and acknowledge its use and pedagogical value.

    However, the reasons for selecting the teaching profession doesn’t necessarily indicate that creativity is prioritized.

    Apparently, creative teaching is challenging and conceptual, especially when it comes to the nature of courses and activities involved in degree program majors. But teachers need to inspire creativity not only in the learners, but also in their instructional strategies for a full-fledge creative experience in the classroom.

    The significance of teaching creatively

    Creative teaching skills tend to focus on refining both the interior and exterior self of the student. So why it is important to teach creativity?

    • Creativity is the heartthrob of any motivational session or activity
    • It allows freedom to both students and the teacher to express their comprehension and opinions
    • Creative teaching translates into active learning

    When we say something unique, we indicate the incorporation of something relevance and personalfor the student, for example, an idea, emotional experience, learning instance, and so on.

    Crafting useful and original output is only a chunk of the total outcome of creative teaching. While the remainder of the focus is on inspiring students to reach the potential they have always been always destined for.

    Here are a couple of guidelines that teach creatively in the classroom without the fear of failure.

    Ignore limitations

    Creativity brings the endless potential for every one of us. In childhood, our confidence and boldness soar high in everything we decide to do. Unfortunately, the consistent “You aren’t supposed to do this”, “This is inappropriate”, and other mentally demolishing phrases we hear from people around us tend to drain our enthusiasm and vigor in doing things.

    In short, as we grow up and socialize more within our personal and professional circle, we become less and less creative with time.

    This brings us back to the realization that creativity has literally endless potential in devising powerful teaching strategies, conducting interactive activities in the class, challenge the traditional educational system, etc.

    Agreeably, the concept also applies to the learners of every age group and education level. The idea is to install that mindset in our students. Yes, the risks associated in the process must also be taken into consideration. But the real deal is tempting students to step out of their comfort zone and learn things creatively each day.

    Challenge assumptions

    Creative people have the habit to question almost everything that passes their eyes. Let’s not mistakenly say that it means rebuking and criticizing everything in action, but inquiring the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is the real deal that defines the creativity and thirst for continuous learning.

    Speaking from the students’ perspective, they need to learn how to pick their battles smartly and patiently. While it is our job to teach them how to challenge assumptions and the general practices both in and out of the classroom.

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