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  • How to Import EML into Outlook? - EML to PST Converter Direct Way

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    When it comes to email communication, then most of the user prefers to work with the desktop-based email clients. The desktop-based applications allow the user to send and receive emails directly on their system. It becomes easier for the user to configure multiple email addresses from various mail service providers.

    Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook are a popular example of desktop-based application. Both applications have their file format to store data. As Outlook supports the PST file format and Thunderbird supports EML file format.

    Sometimes the user wants to migrate from one desktop-based email client to another as per their requirement. If you are also looking to import EML files into Outlook, then this blog will help you a lot.

    To understand this situation, let us consider a query asked by the user:

    “Hi everyone, I have been using the Mozilla Thunderbird email client for many years. Now, I want to switch from Thunderbird to MS Outlook because of its advanced functionalities. I tried many times to import EML directly into Outlook, but not done in proper order. Is there any method to export my Thunderbird EML to Outlook?”

    Now, You will get the solution for your all queries related to how to import EML into Outlook.

    What is EML file?

    An EML file is a single email message file in its simplest form. It is an email message saved by an email program. EML files consist of mail messages, file attachments and the metadata i.e., all information about the mail.

    It contains the entire content of the message including subject, recipients, sender, and date of the message.

    The structure of the EML file consists of email headers, its body, and the attachment part. EML file header contains all email addresses, timestamps & subjects. EML email body contains the main message body. This message body can contain images & links. EML attachments include encoded attachments that are placed one by one.

    EML files are simply created by drag and drop of an email message from the email client application on the desktop.

    EML files are created & supported by Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Entourage and other email applications.

    Why It is Difficult to Import EML into Outlook?

    Many users have a misconception that EML files are directly imported to Outlook, but it is not true. There is no direct solution to import EML files to Outlook. Because Outlook supports only the PST file format; it does not support EML file format. So, first, the user has to convert EML file into PST file format then, it becomes possible to import the file in Outlook client.

    No Need to Worry, Here’s the Direct Solution to Import EML into Outlook PST

    As we said above, there is no direct solution to import EML files into Outlook. So, the user is advised to take the help of EML to PST Converter Software.

    By using EML to PST converter software the user can securely import EML to Outlook importable PST file in a systematic manner. The user can store the generated output PST file in any location of their choice. By using this utility, the user can create a new folder to save the resultant output file.

    While converting EML to PST file format, by default this utility generates a Unicode PST file. These Unicode PST are supported by Outlook version 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

    Complete Procedure to Export EML File to Outlook

    1. Launch the software on the system.
    2. Multiple options provided to add EML file to software panel to add EML into software panel.
    3. Click on the Convert button to proceed further.
    4. Click on Browse Button and Choose the destination location to save the output file. Click on the OK button to start the conversion process of EML file to PST file format.
    5. The process gets completed successfully. Click on the OK button.

    At last, after the conversion process, the user can simply Import the resultant PST file into Outlook data by using Outlook inbuilt Import & Export option.

    Final Words

    Here we have discussed how the user can import EML file to Outlook without any kind of data loss. You can make use of the automated solution mentioned in the above section which will help you to perform fast and secure conversion of EML data into PST. This blog certainly helps to resolve all your queries regarding the importing process of EML files.