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  • HireTester
    Quality Assurance: Stages and Objectives
    During the QA process, it's necessary to:
    Provide a tool for assessing the product quality to all participants of the SDL.
    Measure quality metrics and develop an action plan for the product quality improvement....  more
  • HireTester
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting #QC
    Quality Control (QC) vs Quality Assurance (QA): What's the Difference?
    Quality Control (QC) is a process aimed to check the current product quality and:
    - Verify the functionality compliance with specifications....  more
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    Postman, Katalon Studio or REST Assured: what will you choose for automated API testing?
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    #SharingExperience. A solution for mobile apps designing.
    Task: Functional, cross-platform and cross-browser testing of a solution for designing mobile apps able to automate business processes in different niches.
    #HireTester Solution: To optimize test...  more
  • HireTester
    We bet you've heard common myths about #ManualTesting. Can they really be true?
    - Everyone can test manually.
    - Automated testing is more powerful than manual.
    - Manual testing is simple....  more
  • HireTester
    How to test data synchronization between different systems and the correct work of the application across the most popular browsers? Especially when the application provides interaction between the post popular rental platforms (Airbnb, TripAdvisor,...  more
  • HireTester
    Comparing #manual and #automated #testing:
    Manual and automated testing are interchangeable and can be used on all stages of the testing process.
    Since you can run automated test scripts over and over again, this testing type saves time, efforts and...  more
  • HireTester
    #SharingExperience. A pixel hunting game
    Task: Black-box, functional (testing with Android Studio, Android Device Bridge and adb-commands), display and localization testing of a pixel hunting game.
    #HireTester Solution: Although testing was conducted at...  more
  • HireTester
    Test strategy is a must for successful software testing?
    Being a key document for any testing team, a test strategy answers the following questions:
    • Does the functionality-under-test work?
    • What actions must be performed and what tools...  more
  • HireTester
    #LoadTesting. Here what you should know about the main types of load testing:
    Performance Testing. The main goal here is to define the application scalability under the load and:
    - Measure the time spent on the selected processes execution.
    - Define...  more
  • HireTester
    #HireTester Team. Domains we work in:
    - Finance
    - Retail
    -...  more
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