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  • HireTester
    Integrated software testing from our team includes:
    - End-to-end manual testing
    - UI automation testing
    - Backend (API) automation...  more
  • HireTester
    #SharingExperience. An application for taxi booking.
    Task: Running testing scenarios simultaneously for a passenger and driver under real-life conditions.
    #HireTester Solution: Full-cycle real-life testing. We have run load and server availability...  more
  • HireTester
    Is there a Space for a Test Strategy in Your Test Plan?
    Informing participants of the development process about the key testing issues, a test strategy must be included in any test plan without hesitation. Wonder what benefits it brings?
    1.Test tasks...  more
  • HireTester
    The HireTester team fully takes on the QA tasks and provides software testing services that can be easily implemented in a development flow. We take care of the quality of your software or application. You get more time to focus further on company...  more
  • HireTester
    Empowering development teams with comprehensive QA from manual to automation software testing.
    = Smooth integration and easy QA team scalability.
    = Specialists allocation to work on-site with your dev team for some time.
    = Test roadmap aligned with...  more
  • HireTester
    Did you know that 5-star reviews start with good QA? Mobile app testing is one of the spheres the #HireTester team specializes in.
    Android, iOS, Windows Phone are the platforms we test on using only real devices.
    Focus testing types:
    -...  more
  • HireTester
    #SharingExperience. A multi-player arcade for iOS.
    Task: Black-box, functional, localization, and regression testing.
    #HireTester Solution: Before proceeding with group testing, we have developed test cases to estimate test coverage. For bug posting,...  more
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    HireTester updated a new cover photo.
  • HireTester
    Quality Assurance: Stages and Objectives
    During the QA process, it's necessary to:
    Provide a tool for assessing the product quality to all participants of the SDL.
    Measure quality metrics and develop an action plan for the product quality improvement....  more
  • HireTester
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting #QC
    Quality Control (QC) vs Quality Assurance (QA): What's the Difference?
    Quality Control (QC) is a process aimed to check the current product quality and:
    - Verify the functionality compliance with specifications....  more
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    Postman, Katalon Studio or REST Assured: what will you choose for automated API testing?
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting
  • HireTester
  • HireTester
    #SharingExperience. A solution for mobile apps designing.
    Task: Functional, cross-platform and cross-browser testing of a solution for designing mobile apps able to automate business processes in different niches.
    #HireTester Solution: To optimize test...  more