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  • HireTester
    You have definitely heard about the benefits of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It's time to experience the advantages with the #HireTester team. We set up the environment that automatically integrates all project parts and runs tests per...  more
  • HireTester
    It is not an easy task to set up a QA process on a project. Especially, when you have other product development issues to care about. Why not partner with QA specialists and let them take care of the quality assurance for you. This is what we offer at...  more
  • HireTester
    Why is it worth using Docker for automated UI-oriented tests and how can it help with and speed up the automation testing process. Check out the insight and feel free to share your ideas in comments.
    ...  more
    Java Automation + Docker. Our Experience
  • HireTester
    Why integrated software testing is the best option for the QA processes introduction on your project? It includes various types of software testing and grants access to a team of multi-qualified specialists who won't miss even the smallest bug. This is...  more
  • HireTester
    "...Negative feedback, damaged reputation, and it’s only the beginning. If only you could turn the time back and pay due attention to functional testing." The situation sounds familiar? Find out how different types of software testing can enhance the...  more
    Types of Software Testing and Their Impact on Your Product Quali
  • HireTester
    Beta Testing in Software Development
    During beta testing, a working pre-version is released to the end-users for a specified time to give the software-under-test a trial in real working conditions, uncover expected and unexpected errors, and collect...  more
  • HireTester
    Integrated software testing from the HireTester team. How it works
    Quick start
    Multi-qualified scalable testing team.
    Efficient tasks...  more
  • HireTester
    Mobile Testing. Our focus testing types
    - Functional
    - Cross-browser
    -...  more
  • HireTester
    Alpha Testing in Software Development
    This type of testing is usually performed by in-house testers and developers who should expect and be ready to fix critical issues, make necessary design improvements for better usability before ****** to beta...  more
  • HireTester
    Quality Assurance: Stages and Objectives
    During the QA process, it's necessary to:
    - Provide a tool for assessing the product quality to all participants of the SDL.
    - Measure quality metrics and develop an action plan for the product quality...  more
  • HireTester
    SRP - Software Release Process.
    #HireTester #QA #SoftwareTesting
    SRP Software Release Process
  • HireTester
    Top 3 Myths about Manual Testing
    - Everyone can test manually. Hmmm.... We do not think so. To perform any testing type, including manual, one should have at least an initial understanding of the testing process as well as some technical background.
    -...  more
  • HireTester
    What QA activities can be done and different stages of the software development life-cycle?
    Planning and analysis
    - Requirements testing
    - Project test...  more
  • HireTester
    Website testing: Key Steps to Consider
    Part 2
    Website testing isn’t what it used to be. Your site now has to work flawlessly on a range of desktop browsers and mobile devices with various screen resolutions.
    What aspects to consider when focusing on...  more
  • HireTester
    Understanding Continuous Integration Testing
    Set up the environment that automatically integrates all project parts and runs tests per conditions that meet your requirements.
    You...  more